Slam Cup

Slam Cup International


Is an umbrella organization who's main objective is to insert poetry and slam, into the mainstream as a way of educating and inspiring humanity to reach for their greater selves. We attain this objective by producing the SLAM CUP competitions, which in turn support and sustain a world-wide infrastructure that caters to the artistic and financial growth of poets and spoken word artists.    


Poetry has done exceptionally well across the globe primarily due to the efforts of individual organizers, and without much support from a broader financial and professional infrastructure. At SLAM CUP INTERNATIONAL, we form partnerships with like minded businesses and philanthropic entities to expand the reach and scope of slams and poetry as an art form. We develop programs that give youth and adults more access to some of the most amazing artists in the world, poets.

The SLAM CUP competitions establish a goal and an end point for us as a community to aim for annually.  They also support a GLOBAL infastructure that was so badly needed in poetry and function as a unifying force in world poetry and world slams. 

The SLAM CUP competitions are unmatched as the biggest individual poetry competitions in the world.   Individual members and slam venues benefit from access to the media and the financial support garnered by SLAM CUP.  Along with the annual SLAM CUP event, we host a number of specialized or genre specific slam competitions around the globe.


Poetry and Slam are so much more than literary competitions. Poetry appeals to the heart of humanity.  It is probably the most ancient and most powerful of all the arts; it need only be well positioned to reach the masses in this new era.

We believe that SLAM CUP INTERNATIONAL will be the vehicle that moves poetry out of cafes and into arenas.  We owe it to the crumbling world around us.  Let's use poetry to change the world for the better.  


All we need is One Poem To Change The World.

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